Born for This w/Tirzah Ellen Evora

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Model - Tirzah Ellen Evorah - Surface Models - @tirzah_evora, Photographer - Kevin Link - @kevinlinkphoto, Hair  - Michael Johnson - Factory Downtown - @michaelnycity, Makeup - Kim White - One Management - @kimwhitemakeup, Creative Direction and Stylist - Ope’ Majek - Ken Barboza Associates - @opethestylist, Retoucher - Yvonne Taylor - @yvonnetaylorphoto.

Born For This w/Tirzah Ellen Evora

West African raised and American made model and spokesperson Tirzah Ellen Evora has had one of the luckiest breaks in the industry and she never even intended on modeling. We sit down with Tirzah as she explains her incredible journey from the coasts of West Africa to the pages of Vogue and Times Square billboards.

DOE: Where are you from Originally?

Tirzah: I was born and raised in Cape Verde (Cabo Verde), located in the west coast of Africa.
There’s ten different islands, I am from Sal (salt) [which is] one of them and it's well-known
for it's beautiful beaches, salt mine in the cater of an extinct volcano [featuring]
therapeutic salt water.

D:Give us a brief description of your career trajectory – professionally trained or not,
opportunities that led to breakthroughs.


T: Honestly, [I've] always wanted to play sports. I was known as a tom boy back in my
country, but when I won Miss Cape Verde that’s when everything started. After that
I went to represent my country in the Miss West Africa competition where I won the second most
beautiful woman of West Africa. I then moved to Boston [by the time] I was 19 years old because
I was recruited to play basketball for a college. [Simultaneously] I ended up signing
with this agency called Dynasty. I use to do fashion shows and print jobs with them
until I [was] scouted by Surface Models Management in New York. It was a great
opportunity [so] I signed with them - [it was ll very exciting]. After a
month, I moved to New York to meet my new agency. It [wasn't and easy adjustment] for me
because I was use to the Boston industry and it is totally different. Everything was new [to me compared to] Boston: I had to change my look and lose weight. All this was was new to me but I got a handle on it and everything started to fall into place. My first casting was for Project Runway and I end up getting the job. Right after [that], I was getting ready for my first fashion week, things were just [happening] so fast [and] that lead me to actually loving what I do. I started booking a lot of
jobs [for clients] such as: Miss Ebene , Man Repeller, Quantico,
Billions, [campaigns including] a Times Square billboard for designer Angelica Timas, Mac Cosmetics, Laquan Smith [to name a few] , and [have also appeared in] Vogue.

D: How does your background affect your work?

T: My background affects my job a lot - not a lot of us [from West Africa] have the same opportunities that I had, and [so] I feel like I was blessed to make it this far. In my country, although [there is] a lot of talent, fashion is still developing. [Because] things have never been easy, I think [that makes me] want it more and more, I fight harder and I still have a lot to show. I haven’t accomplished [even] half of my dreams. I am one of many that are opening doors for others.

D: Who’s work inspires you to push the envelope creatively and why?

T: My inspiration has always been my parents. They [have] taught me
everything I know. I grew up in a house where education was very important, especially
because they are both teachers. They are my inspiration, because no matter how
hard it gets they always find a way to get through it. They taught me to never give
up in any situation.

D: What makes you tick as an individual on set and how do the people you work with sort of contribute to that?

 T: When I’m on set I always ask questions [for direction of the shoot] - a mood board is very important! Sometimes I even [do some] research before my shoot about the photographer, designer or the magazine. I believe in team work! When we are all on the same page, that’s how the shoot goes [smoothly] and the client is happy. I always listen to the photographer.  I try to work with what I have on, because your body has to go with your facial expressions and the clothing.  I believe in energy. As long as you are always doing what you love, your energy will be positive [and that] will lead you to [bring that on set].

D: Is there anything else you’d like to share with the creative image makers community?

T: [Yes]! Dream it! Work it! Do it! and enjoy it!

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