Dark Summer Night's Dream

This beauty photo story was born from a collaboration of talented Russian team of photographer Daria Lavrova, Creative Director and Painter Sergey Kozlik and beautiful & talented Model Sabina Khazgaleeva experimenting with make up, styling and light.

Gathering at Sergey’s small place with only two fabric backgrounds: black and white and only one rented, at first we planned to make a set of model tests which grew into a unique and beautiful photo shoot in this low key photography style.

We wanted to make it look a little extravagant and Sergey decided to add a coal black lipstick and no other make up at all. Shooting with a constant hard light and using a soft filter we created a special atmosphere where Sabina stands out from the dark and her beautiful face is glowing in the rays of light.

What’s attractive about her is that she has some features peculiar for a brutal man and sexy and feminine woman at the same time. On the photos we can see a dissonance like wearing a flower in the dress comparing to her strict bun with confident and callous pose and look.

Wearing vintage dresses and leather jacket by Yellow hanger - young brand from Saint Petersburg, Russia, completed the image of Sabina, especially after adding smoky eyes with highlighted eyebrows and later with a wet hair effect.

Made spontaneously, this photo story created beautiful imagery of a young modern & classic woman that resembles heroines from movies of different eras dating from 60s to early 90s.