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Photographed by Daniel Antropik & Kamila Vay “ Consciousness of Unconsciousness”

Launched in March 2018 by Freelance Fashion Director, writer, and Mom of three, Janet ‘Jane’ Igah, The Doe Online is an online visual trade journal and resource hub for creative image makers. With the goal of shifting the gen-X mindset from overnight celebrity to earning your stripes in this and any industry,  our focus is curated content that brands and creative freelancers can use to  help benefit their careers. We aim to be a place where creatives not only can showcase their talent and foster relationships with new clients, but also learn how to improve their craft through mentorship, educational and inspirational videos and interviews from industry creative image makers who have paved a way in the wilderness .

As a communications platform, we aim to elevate brands that demonstrate an adept ability to set the bar higher in the fashion and entertainment industries. We work with a number of fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands to communicate their message and connect them with a broader audience.

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